Ayr Curling Club

Letter from our Presidents - September 2021


Fellow Curlers,

                             A very warm welcome back to curling after what has been a very long time for us all. We hope this season will be back to almost normality but we still have a few precautions in place to ensure we operate as safely as possible. During lockdown your committee worked very hard all the way through to make sure we had curling to come back to. Sincere thanks are due to all of them who went the extra mile to help save the future of the ice rink.

Our catering and bar staff are delighted to be back in harness and we hope you will give them your support through the whole season.

The membership situation is rather worrying as we have lost some clubs and also had indications from individuals who are not intending to return. This is a problem concerning all members and not just the committee as the fewer participants the greater the burden on those left. We would therefore urge all members to encourage friends and family to "Try Curling".

We hope you all have a great and enjoyable season and look forward to meeting you on the ice.

Yours in curling,

Aileen & Rob.