Disnae Virtual Club

This Club has been set up for those curlers who have completed a series of Beginners sessions and gives them all an introduction to Club curling with a view to moving on to other clubs during the next two years.  Ayr Curling Club gives them the benefit of half price membership for those two years and coaching is on offer on a regular basis throughout that period free of charge.

As an affiliated Virtual Club with the Royal Caledonian Curling Club there are other benefits.  Half price Royal Club membership for those two years , free coaching from qualified coaches and the opportunity to enter the Annual Virtual Club Bonspiel at the end of the season.  There is more information about Virtual Clubs nationally on the Royal Club web site.

If you have completed a Beginners Course or about to go to one and are interested in joining the Disnae Virtual Club in Ayr please contact James Jeavons on ayrdisnaecurling.james@gmail.com.

Similar to last season we have ice allocations covering Sundays, weekday daytime and evening sessions to cater for everyone's needs. Unfortunately this season we do not have a specific evening and sessions do vary slightly.

Once a month coaching sessions, staffed with qualified coaches, will be available to give advice and help on any curling issues which Disnae Virtual Club members may require.

We are continuing with the 'one stop shop' approach for members to cover Ayr Curling Club, Royal Caledonian Curling Club membership and Ayr Disnae Virtual Curling Club fees.

Our booklet for new members, with details of all the clubs that curl at Ayr, is available by clicking here.