Rules and Etiquette Quiz

Our Coaches have devised a quiz which might be useful at Club Social Nights or just for general discussion.

The questions are shown below and you can print them from this page.  The following page has the answers.

The Quiz is also available as a Powerpoint Presentation.  If you would prefer that format, please ask one of the coaches.  It is stored on the Coaches laptop..



Quiz Questions


Rules, Etiquette and other terms.


1. What has to happen a) before a player can begin to sweep a stationary stone

b) Before a player can sweep an opponent’s stone?


2. What should happen if a team member plays two stones in succession in the same end and the mistake is not noticed until after the delivery of a subsequent stone?


3. In what circumstances can a stone be measured, by other than visual means, before the last stone of the end has come to rest?


4. Describe when a stone can be replayed from the hack. 


5. Burnt Stones. Does the opposition skip have a choice in what happens to a burnt stone, and if so what are his/her choices?


6. Who can sweep an opposition stone behind the tee-line?


7. In a Royal Club match what is the rule if a team only has three players on the ice and ready to play at the allotted time for the match starting?


8. Where should the players of the non-delivering team stand when the opposition is delivering a stone?


9. Who should be behind the head when the opposition is playing a stone?


10. What is the rule when you are sweeping if your bunnet falls off your head and lands on your stone?


11. In what situation can you replay a shot if you stumble or fall when pushing off the hack?


12. What is the rule if a member of the opposition accidentally starts to clear the head of stones when there is still a stone to play?


13. What should happen if a moving stone touches or crosses the dividing line with an adjacent rink?


14. What should you do at the start and end of a game?



15. When should you not cross the ice sheet?


16. When should you stop and remain stationary?



17.  What should you shout if someone is in the road of sweepers?


18.  Who should agree the score of an end?


19. What should you not use during a game?


20. If the skip and the stone player are shouting different instructions, who do you listen to?


21. Work out the positions, lead, 3rd, 2nd and skip 

A--- Holds the kitty

B--- Scribe 

C--- Takes all the glory 

D --- Alternative strategy opinion 


22. What are the different parts of the game called?

A - Periods. b - Eighths c- Ends d - Blanks


23. When a stone is touching the edge of the rings is it called


24. What should happen if by mistake one of the first three players only throws one stone?


25. What happens if a delivered stone touches another stone just over the hogline but does not clear the hogline?