Apology from Board re Ice last Monday

09 January 2014

There was a major issue with the quality of the ice on Monday 6 January for which the Board would like to apologise to all those affected.  The problem arose as a consequence of our efforts to have the ice as good as possible for the Scottish Seniors Playdowns this weekend.

The rink was flooded on the Sunday night after the ice hockey finished and the ice staff worked until 2.30 in the morning. However, it was realised in the morning that a further flood was required and although the ice was "set" by late afternoon it was not sufficiently " cured".  A discussion took place at that time as to whether it might be necessary to cancel that night's curling but, having regard to the very limited availability for the rest of the season, it was decided, on balance, to go ahead with play.

The ice at the 5pm session was particularly bad and very much akin to playing outdoors. Although the ice for the 7.15 session was better, it was still far from ideal.

Occasionally things go awry because we have so much ice hockey and skating which are financially necessary but pleased be assured that the ice staff and the Board are committed to offering the curlers at Ayr the best possible ice at all times.

Andrew Kerr

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