Ayrshire Curlers Ltd announces Major Funding

10 May 2014

The Board are delighted to advise that they have been successful in securing a further significant grant from Sportscotland which will help secure the long term future of Ayr Ice Rink for figure skating and ice hockey as well as, of course, curling.

The grant has enabled the Board to pay off the outstanding balance on the lease / purchase agreement for the chiller plant. This will assist with our cash flow and enable us to start rebuilding some reserves with which to improve the fabric of the building.

We are well aware that the building is in need of refurbishment but it will take time to implement the many improvements needed. Last summer we were unable to carry out much of the usual maintenance including the painting of the ice hall while we accommodated the skating and ice hockey displaced from the Galleon but this year, in addition to a catch up on the normal maintenance, we are carrying out major works on the roofs.

There is much to be done and, in order to facilitate further grant applications, a new not for profit charitable company is in the process of being formed. Further details will be advised in due course.

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