Finnie Kettle 2013

02 November 2013

Finnie Kettle 2013

Troon Portland were presented with the Finnie Kettle by Jamie McFadzean from last year's winning rink (Kilmaurs) after finishing the highest up rink in those clubs south of the River Irvine, in their annual match against those from north of the river.


The Troon Portland rink - Jack McCorkell, Ewan Marr (skip), Mara Lindsay and Derek Gilbertson.


For thode who might be interested in a bit of the history. The Kettle was presented to Dundonald C C in December 1869 by Mrs Finnie of Newfield, Dundonald for a competition between clubs north of the River Irvine and those from the south. The original clubs were Kilmarnock, Fenwick, Kilmaurs, Stewarton, Kilwinning, Irvine and Dreghorn representing the north and, for the south, Dundonald, Symington, Craigie, Riccarton, Galston, Tarbolton and Monkton.

It is quite remarkable that so many of the original clubs are still involved.

The rules were stipulated by Mrs Finnie on 23 December 1869 as follows :-

1) The game shall be annually played on Newfield pond when ice will permit, by one rink from each of the above parishes drawn against each other when they meet on the ice.  ( hence the draw tonight before we went down to the ice)
2) The game will consist of 21 ends ; at the close of which, the scores will be reckoned up, and the division having the highest majority will be declared the successful one.
3) The highest winning rink in that division will be declared the winner of the cup, and will be entitled ( by previous arrangement) to decide, which of their players shall be the custodier of the cup or contend at points for it.
4) Should the two divisions have an equality of shots, then each rink must play an additional end to decide the match; and if two rinks in the successful division have an equality of shots, then they play three ends against each other to decide which shall be the winner. ( after having already played 21 ends !)
5) The cup shall be annually returned to ........... On the first of November where it shall remain till played for.

Tonight's game marked the 144th anniversary of the Finnie Kettle.

The scores were -

NORTH.                                            SOUTH
Dreghorn & Springside    1.                Troon Portland   10.        +9
Kilmarnock Townend.      8.                Symington.         6
Stewarton Heather.       11.                Galston.               7
Galleon.                            4.                Tarbolton.           10.        +6
Kilwinning.                       11.                Riccarton.            7
Kilmaurs.                          2.                 Dundonald.         9.         +7
                                      ------                                      -------
                                          37.                                         49

TPCC won by virtue of being +9 to Dundonald +7

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