Province Knockout First Round

09 October 2013

More news on the Province Knockout - this time from Tom Andrews, who reports on a thrilling tie between Sorn and Galston

"The Province KO tie between Sorn and Galston Haymouth on Tuesday 8 October was a tight affair.
Sorn started off strongly and managed to steal a deuce followed by a single to lead 3-0 after 2 ends. The Galston team of Robert Anderson, Tom Andrews, John Davers and Ed Baines woke up in the third to take a three and get back into the game. A couple of blank ends followed. In the sixth, Sorn were lying nicely for their two until the Galston skip ripped a double and rolled. The Sorn rink of David Bell, Neil Kennedy, Claire Johnston and Roddy Middleton decided to take their single. Galston were then forced to a single in the 7th end, making it peels going down the final end.
Without last stone, Galston set up two good guards, then came round to lie top four - double guarded. Sorn lay 2nd and 3rd shots on the wings. Guards were removed by Sorn and replaced with Galston's next four stones. There was just enough of the shot stone visible for David Bell to play a controlled tap back to lie 3 with Galston having one stone remaining. Robert Anderson then stepped up and played a gem of a hit and roll to be fully hidden behind the two guards. The four foot had to be made for Sorn to progress. Unfortunately for them, the stone stayed straighter than expected and Galston stole through.
Handshakes were offered and the usual after match analysis and discussion began over a well deserved beverage. Galston now face Galleon in the next round."
Thanks, Tom.  

Andrew Kerr has given us some details of the game between Dundonald and Galleon

"Galleon beat Dundonald last week. I can't now remember the score but what I would say is that, at every end, Dundonald were looking good until Colin Murdoch went down on the hack !

The Galleon rink was Mima Strang, Andrew Smith, Jim Gray and Colin Murdoch (skip).
The Dundonald rink was Jim Parker, Andrew Kerr, Archie McGregor and Bobby Gault (skip),

The game was played in friendly spirit and afterwards we enjoyed each other's company over a meal."
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