Province Medal Result

15 January 2014

Twelve clubs took part last night in the Province Medal with each club having two rinks and the scores aggregated. For most clubs, if they won their first game, they tended to lose their second and vice versa so that the final results were all quite tight.

However, Stewarton Heather beat Fairywell by 3 shots in their first game and went on to beat Crosshill by 4 shots in the second to come out on top with +7. Stewarton Heather are therefore the winner of this year's Ayrshire Province Medal. In second place were Ayr and Alloway with +6 shots with Dundonald and Galston Haymouth third equal with +4. Holding everyone up were the Gangrels (the webmaster may wish to add a comment !!   Webmaster  "Great games and a good time had by everyone") 

An enjoyable night was had by all.

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