Scottish Senior Championships 2014

03 February 2014

This week sees the start of the finals for the Scottish Senior Championships at Hamilton.

The Ladies start on Wednesday at 9.30 am. There are two sections, with 7 teams in each, vying for the quarter final spots on Saturday evening.  The semis and final will be played on Sunday.

Ladies Teams Section a) Gwen Prentice, Kathleen Scott, Ena Smith, Grace Paterson, Kate Adams, Ann Johnston and Elaine Semple.

Section b) Hazel Swankie, Isobel Waddell, Enid Brown, Christine Cannon, Elizabeth Scott, Barbara Watt and Anne Smith.

In the men's event, which starts on Thursday morning, 6 teams compete in each of the two sections.

Section A

Mike Dick
Don Stark
Gary MacFarlane
Billy Howat
Norman Brown
Willie Jamieson

Section B

Robin Aitken
Graham Lindsay
Graeme Adam
David Hardie
Ken Horton
Keith Prentice

It's a very strong line up and Ayrshire folk will no doubt be supporting Billy Howat's team of Robert Clark, Gavin Morton and Ray Graham along with Keith Prentice's team, featuring Robert Anderson.

You should be able to follow the results by clicking on this link.



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