Special Foreign Correspondent Tom Andrews Reports

11 February 2014

Here is the first report from Tom in Sochi.  

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Awesome!! No other words to describe the experience of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The size of the Olympic Park cannot be imagined until you see it for yourselves. A 30 minute walk from the entrance to the Ice Cube certainly has the Team GB fans questioning their fitness. Curling to date has been good from the GB boys even though the results look tight and the loss of a 4 against Sweden was a result of a superb shot from the Swedish 3rd. The game against Russia was very noisy - the Russians are so enthusiastic and cheer at all the wrong times. The game today against Germany was tighter than it should have been but a W is all we want at the moment.
Families haven't had a chance to chat with the athletes yet so I can't pass on any messages from Scott but I'm proud to announce that the Reveal magazine has him as a "Hunky Hopefully"!!! Personally I'd prefer him and the team to win a medal - which is why they're here.
Access to Internet is limited but enjoying some free wifi in P&G family home at the moment.
Spirits are high and we are waiting for more Team GB fans coming out soon.  Having a great time at the moment and will post again when possible. Thanks for all the good wishes from Ayr Ice Rink to Scott. We all appreciate the support you are sending.
Your Foreign Correspondent

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