18 February 2014

The annual TOM AND MATTIE SMILLIE TROPHY- match between Ayr Curling Club and The Galleon was held at Ayr on Sunday 16 February. As local rivals, with many friends playing against each other, this is always a keenly fought and popular match. This tradition continued yesterday with the result being a tie with both clubs winning one match and the third being a peel. The result was then decided on the basis of shots up and this was very close with Ayr 24 shots up but the Galleon narrowly winning with a total of 26.
Allan Logan, who skipped the highest up rink for the Galleon, was presented with the trophy and made a gracious vote of thanks to Ayr Curling Club thanking the catering and bar staff for all their efforts.
The Ayr rinks were (1) Jennifer Mutter (skip), Ernest Mutter, Eila MacLellan and Roderick MacLennan  who  peeled their match after exchanging ends by a single shot in a very tight game..
(2) Norman Geddes (skip), Lorna Alexander, John Whiteford and Katrina Geddes who, having been behind for most of the game made a 2 and a 4 in the last two ends for a 3 shot victory.
(3) Neil Beattie (skip), Milly Beattie, Euan Lawrence and Corrie Lawrence who, according to the skip, had a record total of shots scored (25), but unfortunately not evenly split.
Next year the fixture returns to the Galleon.
Thanks to Ernest Mutter for the above report.


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