Curling in Australia

11 June 2015

Dave and Lillian Mcintyre send this report from Australia. 

Whilst over in Melbourne for the arrival of their first grandchild, Isla Frances Augello, the McIntyres managed to play two matches at the Medibank Icehouse.  Curling is a minority sport in Oz and curling only takes place on Monday evenings through the Victoria Curling Association.  No matter curlers are curlers and we were made very welcome particularly when they realised we were Scottish.  The skip of the first opposition rink was actually brought up in Glasgow and had played in Crossmyloof!  If anyone happens to be in Melbourne during their autumn/winter then I am sure you would be be able to squeeze in a match if you contact the icehouse through
Curling 2015 077
The Icehouse is a tremendous facility and has two full size ice hockey pads one of which has 6 curling rinks marked out.  At the end of the game the stones are placed in trollies and pushed into walk in freezers until the following week when they will be taken out and used.  The ice was challenging first time round but better for the second match.
Curling 2015 080
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