16 Sep

Opening Game

19 Sep

Super League commences

22 Sep

Newcomers Bonspiel

22 Sep

Ayr V Kilmarnock


Draw for Maple Leaf Bonspiel

05 Nov 14

The draw for Sunday's Maple Leaf Bonspiel has now been made.

All games are 5 ends and the session times are 10.00 am, 12 noon and 2.00 pm.


1 2 3 4
Hubert Ireland Tom Andrews Bobby Ireland Ed Baines
Mary Shaw David McIntyre Elizabeth Shaw Ewan Marr
Bill Abbott John McWhirter Irene McWhirter Chris Rowley
Charles Sutherland Lynne Rowley Janice Sutherland Jacob White
5 6 7 8
Jim Wilson Jim Boswell Ross Drummond John Evans
Morag Evans Bill Alexander Jean Morton James Galloway
Bob Forrest Ted Marshall Francis Marshall Alison Alexander
Amanda James Joe Miller Euan Andrew Freda Miller
9 10 11 12
Bert Andrew  Ernest Mutter  Liam Scott  John Davers 
Robert Dalgleish Colin Naismith  Elspeth Drummond  Alison Wilson 
Anne Naismith  Betty Patterson  Liz Boswell  Beth Rowley 
Murray McHarg  Elaine McClure  Avril Marr  Logan Collins 


First Games

1 v 2
3 v 4
5 v 6
7 v 8
9 v 10
11 v 12