Ordering Drinks at the Bar

20 November 2014

At the committee meeting the other night it was agreed to ask the bar staff to put the bar pads back at the end of the rink again to try  and ease congestion at the bar . The idea of the pads was that the rink would put their drinks on the pad and pay all at once then split the cost at the table, with this in mind we have asked the girls to put  individual prices  on the bar bill. If you don’t wish to pay this way please don’t put your drink on a bar pad as this only slows the process down, just order at the bar as usual but priority will be given to pre-ordered drinks. We also ask you to help the bar staff as we are trying to keep staff costs down by only having one  staff member on per shift, so when the rush between games is on it would help if you could return empty glasses while the girls are busy serving.  



Bobby Ireland



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