Our Man in Halifax, Nova Scotia

31 March 2015

Our Man in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Andrew Kerr has taken on the onerous task of joining RCCC Vice President Billy Howat at the Men's World Curling Championships in Canada.

Not everyone could cope with the task of minding Billy, but I'm sure that Andrew will do his best to attend as many receptions, parties and events as he can.  He might also get to see some great curling!

In his spare time he has been volunteered to let us have the inside track on what really goes on at a World Championships.

His first report is as follows and you can see more of his photos in the Gallery here:


"Greetings from your intrepid reporter in Halifax Nova Scotia.

My carer and I arrived here yesterday morning having spent a night unscheduled in Montreal after missing our connection ! At least we arrived safely unlike last nights flight from Toronto.

The RCCC website will have reports on the games but suffice to say that Scotland weren't great !

Didn't realise just how much of a social occasion the Worlds is ! Catching up with many friends from the last time I was here on the Strathcona Tour and it's hard staying up until 4 in the morning but someone has to do it !

An amazing experience !

Off now to see how the Scots boys fare against Finland.

This is Andrew Kerr for the Ayr CC website keeping our Royal Club President fed with liquid refreshment !

Lots of snow here"


Well everyone. What a turnaround ! Last night was all gloom and doom but today the boys have found their form. If you didn't see Ewan's last stone against the USA dig it out on YouTube or wherever. The shot of the tournament.
Tomorrow is the big one against Canada. Your representatives have managed to wangle themselves into the Deloite hospitality lounge to watch the game courtesy of Matt Harris, brother of Graham who captained the last Strathcona Cup tour to Scotland.
Tonight we were guests of Bruno who some of you may remember from the Swiss Tour at a reception to support the Europeans next year in Basle.
We have now been joined out here by the Hamilton contingent which is never a recipe for a quiet time and tomorrow Billy and myself have joined up with the President of the Royal Club, David Henderson , and my Strathcona Tour captain, Willie Nicol, for an actual game of curling at the Mayflower Club so that should be interesting !! Billy is leading so at least he now knows his best position for the Superleague team next season.
Anyway must sign off as it's 2am and us athletes need our beauty sleep !
Your correspondent at the Worlds

Ewan's shot can be seen here.


Well, the boys had us needing medical assistance this afternoon ! An extra end and Ewan draws his last stone just to the back of the button and pretty well guarded . The Swiss skip plays his last stone and it's a pound heavy ! Big sighs all round !

Tonight it's the big one against the Canadians and I am afraid the boys reverted to form and just didn't turn up.
However, your correspondent and his sidekicks were in Deloite"a executive suite and, by the time we left, it didn't matter what the score was.
This morning we played against North American teams at the Mayflower Club for the prestigious Transoceanic Trophy. Despite the Royal Club President hogging one of his stones I am pleased to report that the dream team won both their games only for the organiser to change the rules !! A good social morning !!
Tonight we attended a reunion for those who had been on any international tour and there were close in 100 present so it's been a busy day but very enjoyable getting together again with those who share the bound of being tourists.
Hopefully life will be a bit less hectic from here on in since the Scotland results are now of only passing interest although, as a bye line I am delighted to have met Rhuirauh' s mother and father and although disappointed with the team.'s performance there can be no criticism of the young boy or indeed of Ewan Byers. The front end have played  well as you would expect !
Your correspondent at the Worlds


Since I was last able to string a few words together Scotland succumbed to Sweden and no longer have an active interest in the competition.

I imagine that there will be some back home ready to criticise the boys but, believe me, the standard of curling is out of this world and our boys gave it their best shot. Ok, it didn't happen for them but who hasn't had a bad week on the ice !?

Tonight Royal Club President, David Henderson, hosted a reception for the Scots and it was great to join the team in a beer. We were hurting but, believe me, not as much as the boys.
Tonight was also Canada against Norway and what a game it was ! Hope you manage to pick it up in you tube or wherever ! After every end there is music and the crowd go wild ( all to accommodate TV advertising) but what an atmosphere !
I almost forgot ! Billy Howat has been spotted in town and his achievement in representing Scotland in the 1885 (Surely you mean 1985!) last Silver Broom has been noted in the daily newspaper update ! Never one to miss a trick with the ladies, Billy has been spotted chatting up the ladies trying hard to convince them that he us a forerunner of Thomas Ulstrud !
Finally, has anyone else noted the similarity between John Shuster, skip of Team USA and our own soon to be retired President Bobby ?!?!?
Have a good weekend everyone and spare a thought for your intrepid reporter concocting this at 2am after a few libations !
This is Andrew Kerr for the Ayr website reporting from Halifax Nova Scotia.


As we get to the sharp end of this World Championships, you can judge for yourselves how well the RCCC Vice President (Billy Howat) has been looking after "Our Man" in Halifax.

IMG 0515

 Billy commented "It's been a hard week for Wee Andy" 


Well folks that's it over ! What a marvellous week your correspondent and his carer have had here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
As you will know, Canada got the bronze just as our ex Scottish Champion Billy has been telling the Canadians all week.
The final was maybe a bit subdued as a result of not having Canada's involvement but great to watch the top two European teams fight it out.
Sweden got off to a great start with a three in the first but Norway pegged them back for a wee while before Edin's rink denied Thomas Ulstrud's rink a successful defence of his title.
The arena was jumping with Abba blaring out as the Swedes acknowledged the crowd . Meanwhile we were spotted having a coffee as you will see in the photo - actually during the game between Canada and the Finns,
Looking forward to handing back responsibility for the Royal Club President to his wife but just, as a last comment from Halifax, what a wonderful 10 days we have had.
Now please put the Eglinton Jug and Province AGMs in your diary if I could remember the date !!!!


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