Province Medal Draw and Four Major Championships for Scotland

24 December 2014

The draw for the RCCC Ayrshire Province Medal on 13th January has been made and is shown both below and on the Competitions page.

The RCCC has also announced that three World Championships and the European Championships will be held in Scotland between 2016 and 2020.  All the details can be found by clicking here.

Province Medal Draw    13th January 2015


Dalmellington             v.         Fairywell

Ayr & Alloway           v.         Gangrels




Symington.                  v.         Crosshill

Beresford Ladies        v          Ayr

Sorn                             v          Stewarton Heather

Dundonald                  v.         Troon Portland

Galston                        v          Ayr & Alloway

Galleon                        v.         Dalmellington




Troon Portland.           v          Galleon

Ayr.                             v.         Galston

Stewarton Heather.     v.         Dundonald

Crosshill.                     v.         Sorn

Gangrels.                     v.         Beresford Ladies

Fairywell.                    v.         Symington


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