RCCC AGM - Billy and Kirsty Honoured

18 June 2014

A good number of Ayr curlers were present at the Royal Club AGM last Saturday to see our our own Billy Howat installed as Vice President and Kirsty Letton win the Grassroots Coach of the Year Award.

A great honour and recognition for all they both have done over the years to promote curling.

Other points from the meeting -

David Hardie from Crocketford and Alastair MacNish from Gourock were elected to the Board.

There will be NO increase in subscriptions !

The number of members voting since the change to "one member, one vote" has fallen year on year with approx 450 members voting this year from a total membership of c13,500.

Under AOCB, the question of how often an indoor Grand Match should take place, was raised. Apparently, the ASC had recommended to the Board that it should be every 10 years. The first took place in 2000 and every 5 years since. The almost unanimous feeling of the meeting was that the 10 year proposal had been taken without consulting the members and that this was wrong ! A number spoke passionately in support of having the Indoor Grand Match every 5 years and it was decided that the new President, David Henderson, should take the matter back to the ASC for further consideration. If those present at the AGM are representative of the membership as a whole, it could well be that the decision is changed and we can look forward to an Indoor Grand Match in season 2015 / 2016. Watch this space !

Talking of the Grand Match it was reported that the Charles Lees' painting of the Grand Match at Linlithgow had now been restored and was on public display in the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. You may recall that the restoration was made possible by the generosity of members after the Royal Club had raised the possibility of selling this important piece of curling memorabilia.

Finally, I have to report that Ali Black Sheep's supply of Jelly Babies was almost entirely devoured by our President Bobby !

Thanks to Andrew Kerr for his report.

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