Sponsor's Bonspiel

19 March 2015

Sponsor's Bonspiel

In recognition of the support from members, clubs and companies who assisted with the purchase of the Ice Rink's new stones, a Bonspiel was held yesterday courtesy of The Board of Ayr Ice Rink Ltd. Prizes were generously provided by the Hillhouse Group of companies.

Each person played the stone which he had sponsored, so there were 8 players per team, 96 on the ice in total and a lot of fun to be had.  Sweeping was a particularly hazardous occupation with the possibility of 6 sweepers jostling to make sure the stone was perfect.

The main prizes were presented to the highest up rinks of red stone players and yellow stone players as follows: 

Red Stones

Jim Smith, Shona Brown, Tom Barr, John Smith, Lilian McIntyre, Aileen McCorkell, Jack Brown and Fiona Brown

Yellow Stones

Willie Morton, Margaret Morton, Ross Drummond, Elspeth Drummond, Cath Costello, Jack McCorkell, Andy Wilson and Etta Begg.

Liz Boswell's photos of the event can be found in the Gallery Page or by clicking here. 

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