McGawn Mixed Pairs

14 December 2015

Congratulations go to Rab Clark and Gail Thomson on winning the McGawn Pairs. This year 8 pairs competed in the double knockout format which meant a long day at the ice rink for some, but at least guaranteed two games for everyone.
Rab and Gail played their way into the final with relative ease and waited patiently to meet the winner of the other semi. Peels after 5 ends, it all came down to the draw shot......... Bobby and Sean both left their stones short of the house, so Rachel and Aileen were left to show the guys how it's done!! Whilst Rachel made a valiant effort, it was Aileen who ended up closer to the button.
The final was an interesting game with some good shot making from both pairs, but the tactical experience of Rab and the sweeping power of Gail (under the watchful eye of Rab) meant an uphill battle for the youngsters. Three down with three stones to play, the knowledgeable gallery thought Sean had to freeze on the shot stone but instead he opted to hit the double and attempt to roll behind the guard. Unfortunately the shooter just rolled too far and left the rings, giving victory to Rab and Gail - worthy winners in the end.


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