New Coaching Dates Announced

08 January 2016

Kirsty Letton has advised new Coaching Dates for 2016. The details are in the Coaching Pages, but the headlines are summarised below.

More DropIn/Try Curling sessions arranged


Drop In £5.00  Try Curling £2.00


Tuesday 19 January at 12 noon


Wednesday 27 January at 12 noon


And an evening session - only one sheet - on Wed 17 February at 8.30pm.


Laser practice and filming available if desired.


Level 1 Coaching Course on Friday 15th January at 1.30pm in Ayr Ice Rink

Still time to register - 
Register online on RCCC website - or phone RCCC on 01313333003
We can always do with new coaches!

New Beginners Course

This Sunday, 10th January at 4pm.
Second date Sunday 17th January at 7pm.
Third session still to be arranged.
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