Tom and Mattie Smillie Quaich

24 February 2016

Two rinks instead of the usual three headed off to Kelso this week to take on the Borders Ice Rink for the Tom and Mattie Smillie Quaich. Unfortunately President Tom and his rink were not able to travel so captain for the day was Past President Bobby Ireland. Now some will remember Bobby's efforts to find Lockerbie last year somewhere near Gretna. This year Bobby decided to head for Berwick on Tweed only realising that he was maybe on the wrong road when he crossed the English border ! However, Bobby's instinct for food managed to get him and his rink to Kelso in time for an all day breakfast !

Bobby's rink took a couple of ends to get to grips with the ice by which time they were 4 shots down against a rink skipped by Gary Craig. In the third end Bobby got a three and thereafter traded singles to finish 5-6 which was a very commendable effort against a strong Borders rink. Bobby's rink had Rachel Ireland at third, Dave McIntyre at second and Alison Alexander at lead.

No such problems for the other Ayr rink skipped by Bert Andrew with Moira Drummond at third, Andrew Kerr at two and Anne Kerr at lead. Sat nav worked fine to get us to Kelso and a light lunch befitting highly tuned athletes set us up to take on John Hodge's Border rink. A 4 in the fourth end put Bert's rink 9 shots up and despite the Border's rink  picking up a single in the sixth end, the Ayr rink ran out 15-1 winners and, by so doing, ensured that the Tom and Mattie Smillie Quaich made the return trip to Ayr.

Good games and great hospitality.

Andrew Kerr

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