Waldie-Griffith Inter Province Cup

16 February 2016

The Waldie-Griffith is an annual RCCC Inter Province Competition between  four clubs representing their Province. The winners are decided by the Province which has the highest average shots up in their games.

Ayrshire Province played yesterday against West Lothian at Murrayfield.  You can click here to see how the results compare as they come in.

Thanks to Andrew Kerr who has sent the following report on yesterday's games.

"Four Ayrshire Province rinks headed east today to take on West Lothian Province at Murrayfield in the Waldie Griffiths Inter Province Competition.

Ian Alexander's Dalmellington rink drew the short straw as far as the ice was concerned and both skips agreed that no two stones did the same thing. Ian's rink of Mags and Rob White and Sandy Frew struggled to get to grips with the ice and went down by 7 shots to 3 against Buchan CC.

No such problems for the rink skipped by Tom Andrews with Gemmill Jack, Carlos Van Hedegem and Lil McIntyre. They took on Livingston CC and won by 12 shots to 2 - Ayrshire's star performers !

On the next sheet, Gavin and Jean Morton and Bill and Alison Alexander played against Uphall CC and this game went right down to the wire. Gavin played an outrageous shot in the last end which, according to him, he nominated, but which, according to Jean, he had said that anything could happen ! Anyway, the Ayrshire rink scraped home 7-6.

Finally, my Troon Portland rink of Bert McKay, Mike McNeil and Jamie Mason took on Abercorn CC. We were looking good for a 9-1 win but the opposition skip played a great last stone with the result that we finished up winning by 8 shots to 2.

Overall, Ayrshire won by 30 shots to 17 - plus 13. The way the Waldie Griffiths works is that our 13 shots win is divided by 4 to give an average win of 3.25 and, whether this is sufficient to win the trophy is probably doubtful.

And just to show how lucky we are with Hazel and Stephen, the chef at Murrayfield walked out during the afternoon and there were no hot meals available when we came off !

However, the company was good and everyone enjoyed the day."

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