Ayr CC Development Group Letter to Clubs

06 March 2017

Letter to Clubs from Chair of Development Group March 2017

Dear Club Secretary,

Ayr Curling Club :Urgent Need for New Curlers and Assistance from all Club Members in helping to Promote and Support Curling at Ayr

On behalf of Ayr Curling Club Development Group I am writing to ask that you bring to the attention of your Club members the serious situation we are facing at Ayr Ice Rink in terms of a marked reduction in the number of active curlers and the urgent need to attract new curlers. We need the help of all our Clubs and all Club members in promoting curling and attracting new curlers.

In recent years we have witnessed a significant drop in the number of people curling at Ayr and a noted reduction in the number of curlers supporting competitions and Bonspiels. This drop in numbers is evident on many fronts, including for example the creation of the Land O’ Burns Club from the amalgamation of four previous Clubs. Virtually all Clubs are experiencing a drop in active numbers and the number of rinks fielded each year. And recently all Clubs have been notified by the Board about the reduction in the availability of ice for next season and the amended sessions available. This change is directly related to the reduction in the number of active curlers and the demand from Clubs for ice.

The drop in numbers of curlers and in those supporting Bonspiels and related events can be directly linked to the ageing profile of our curlers at Ayr and the range of other sporting and cultural attractions open to  everyone – particularly the younger generation. The drop in the number of active curlers at Ayr also has implications for the social side of curling which is such a key element of our sport. Both the catering and bar side of our Club life have suffered because of the reduction in numbers and this is something we all need to address.

Over the past 4 years the Development Group has tried various initiatives to attract new curlers, and has hosted regular Try Curling and Beginners Sessions for new curlers. Under the leadership of Kirsty Letton there is a dedicated and enthusiastic team of qualified coaches who are available to teach the basics of curling to newcomers, with a number of teaching aids available to help established curlers eg the lasers and filming equipment. There is also an active schools programme with local Primary Schools. The ice men have also been producing excellent ice for us in recent years. What we now need is more curlers, and more curlers participating in competitions.

This season Ronnie Peat and his IT team have produced an improved website and have been actively using social media to promote curling. Assistance is needed from all Clubs in not only providing items for the website but also in developing the social media side of our promotional efforts.

We are now at a position where everyone at Ayr Ice Rink needs to pull together and help promote curling and attract new curlers. This task should not be left to the Development Group or the Committee of Ayr Curling Club. Everyone needs to get involved - particularly those younger members who wish to see an active and prosperous curling club at Ayr in 5-10 years’ time.

I have listed overleaf some of the areas where your members can provide assistance or become actively involved – these are not exhaustive.  Please encourage your members to help join the effort  to attract new curlers to Ayr, and to support and  participate in as many events as possible.  Club members wishing to help out should give their names and contact details to Theresa in the office, or contact any of the Development Group members listed.


Areas where active assistance is required from members of all our Clubs

  • Helping the promotion of curling among friends, relatives, neighbours, etc.
  • Bringing forward fresh ideas for attracting new curlers
  • Making positive suggestions for making the curling experience at Ayr more attractive
  • Bringing friends along to Try Curling, Beginners and “Bring a Friend” Sessions
  • Making a commitment to introduce a minimum of 3 people to curling each season
  • Getting “Early Retirees” involved in curling
  • Distributing among local communities the flyers and posters prepared for upcoming coaching events and Bonspiels
  • Helping with the social media side of our promotional efforts through Facebook, Twitter, etc. -new members of the IT team would be particularly welcomed
  • Submitting items on a regular basis for the ACC website, and Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Ensuring that items posted on Facebook or Twitter are “liked” or “shared” so that wider networks of people are aware about curling at Ayr
  • Supporting competitions and social events held at Ayr Ice Rink
  • Participating in Sunday and weekday Bonspiels. These are very sociable events open to curlers of all ages and abilities - but they need numbers to make them viable
  • Supporting our catering and bar facilities
  • Supporting social events put on by your Committee
  • Providing assistance to the coaching teams with the schools programmes. This can be as simple as helping organise the juice and biscuit breaks for the pupils
  • Providing admin support to the coaching team in organising the annual schools programme with South Ayrshire Council
  • Supporting the “Drop-In” clinics held by Kirsty and the coaches
  • Becoming a coach
  • Helping with the Junior Club on Sunday mornings
  • Helping with the Disnae Club – an essential element of Ayr Curling Club
  • Promoting the Corporate Days held for local businesses and organisations
  • Becoming members of the Development Group. New members are required as fresh blood and new ideas are needed. In addition, some of the existing members of the Group are  standing down after 4 years and need to be replaced
  • Helping ensure that we have a very positive start to the 2017 - 2018 curling season


On behalf of the Development Group I would ask that you bring this letter to the attention of all your members, and raise it at your upcoming annual general meeting. Should you so wish, a member of the Development Group or next year’s Committee would be pleased to attend your Club agm to explain in more detail what individual Clubs and individual members can do to help ensure we have an active and enjoyable curling experience at Ayr for the foreseeable future . We will also be seeking feedback from your agm about the reaction of your members. It is also proposed to convene a meeting of all Club Secretaries in early April.

Yours Sincerely

Euan Lawrence

Chair, Ayr Curling Club Development Group   


Contact Details  :   Euan Lawrence   07712 454 464      Kirsty Letton 07941 126 889

Ronnie Peat   07890 637 854     Robert Boyd  07891  717 685        Murray Stevenson  07810 796 706

Susan Middleton  07921 391 900        Andrew Kerr  07745 970 097    Jim Boswell  07895 279 108

David McIntyre (President ACC 2017-2018)   07907 880 623

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