Ayr Wins Maxwell Trophy

15 March 2017

Ayr Wins Maxwell Trophy

Ayr have regained the Maxwell Trophy yesterday (Tuesday 14th) after beating spirited Borders rinks in the semi final with three clear wins.  It was then onto playing very tough Stranraer rinks in the afternoon.
The competition is based on points for a win followed by shot up.

It went down to the wire and wasn't looking particularly good as after seven ends Rab Clark and Billy Howats rinks were shots down with neither having last stone advantage.  Only Neil Kennedys rink was up but with one less end played.  The boys had to dig deep.

Class rose to the top though as both Rab and Billy managed to pull it out of the hat to win their games which meant that Ayr had won the competition.  Neil then shook hands with Hammy McMillan with the game a peel.

This meant that Ayr have won the Maxwell  four times out of the last five years which is fantastic for the club.

A big thanks goes to all those who played throughout the qualifying games and the final days curlers.
Rab Clark, Murray Stevenson, Bobby Ireland & Johnny Johnston
Billy Howat, Neil Sands, Gavin Morton & Bert Andrews
Neil Kennedy, Sean Rennie, Liam Scott  & Tam Neill

Thanks to Vice President David McIntyre for the above report.


Maxwell 17 2

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