20 Oct

Beginners Classes - 3

21 Oct

Inter City Dumfries v Ayr
Mixed Entry

24 Oct

Beginners Classes - 3 (1)

27 Oct

Maple Leaf (sponsored by Pieroni & Son)
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Maple Leaf Bonspiel
Maple Leaf Bonspiel

Maple Leaf Bonspiel

31 Oct 16

Winners of the Maple Leaf Bonspiel held at Ayr Ice rink were Skip Mark Meehan,
Ewan Marr, Chris Rowley and Jenny Bloomfield.
Second was the rink with Skip Jim Boswell, Robert Dalgleish, Joyce Arnot and
Jacob Whittle.
Sponsorship for the day was courtesy of J. Pieroni & Sons, Ayr.
Photo  L -R
Ewan Marr; Mark Meehan (Skip); Chris Rowley; Mark Pieroni (Sponsor); and Jenny Bloomfield.