President's Day 2017

27 February 2017

Presidents Day was held on Friday 24th with ten rinks playing four two end games.

There was a lot of laughing and hilarity during play and afterwards in the clubhouse.  Some good curling was played and one of our well known curlers had a superb three stone take out - unfortunately they were his rinks stones.  Absolutely brilliant.

To make the day more interesting, as in the past, rinks were playing in teams for both the President and the Vice President with the VP rinks being clear winners with plus 20 shots although the result didn't matter.

Highest up rink by dint of shots and points was Neil Sands, John Davers, Jack McCorkell and Jim Murdoch who narrowly pipped Liam Scotts rink.

The strongest rink holding everyone up was that skipped by Ronnie Peat, with Neil Beattie, Lou Costello and John McWhirter.

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