Sunday Fun Day

26 October 2016

Sunday Fun Day

Some reflections from Andrew Kerr on the recent Fun Day. 

Earlier in the season we held a workshop for the relative new discipline of Doubles. Those who attended the workshop thoroughly enjoyed the presentation by Judith McCleary and Bruce Mouat and it was decided that we should have another session when we could put into practice what we had learned.

The follow up recently took place and, although it was very much a case of the blind leading the blind as far as the rules were concerned, we had a truly fun filled afternoon. Twenty curlers turned up which allowed us to make full use of the five sheets of ice which the Board had generously made available.

We played two, two end games and retired upstairs for a coffee and cake before heading back onto the ice for a further two, two end games followed by one end where we tried the "power play".

There was much hilarity on the ice and general agreement that the format was much better than Pairs and something clubs might like to think about as the popularity of Pairs diminishes.

We tried to make it a Fun Day and the general consensus was that we had achieved that aim. And, by the way, Lil and Dave McIntyre walked away with the prizes for being the highest up Double - ok, they were only small bottles of wine !

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