Sweeping Workshop

18 October 2016

Sweeping Workshop

So you think you know what effect you have on the stone when the skip shouts "sweep".

Last night David Ramsay who is Performance Development Coach with the Royal Club explained, with the help of his two "apprentices" Scott Andrews and Greg Drummond from David Murdoch's Olympic rink, what was required to have any impact but then, also, how good sweepers should be the judge of a stone's weight and how they were also able to "steer" it.

Sweeping Work 1


David took us through the controversy over brushes and Greg and Scott demonstrated, on the ice, just how much effect the now illegal pad had. One of the highlights of the workshop was the brush which was able to measure pressure and we were able to see for ourselves how important it is to get your body over the brush head and to increase the rate of sweeping.

Sweeping Work 4

A very informative evening with great presenters and also a whole lot of fun. Thanks to David, Scott and Greg for coming down to Ayr on a pretty wet night and to the Board for donating the ice.


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