13 Nov

Inter-City Ayr Ladies v Glasgow Ladies
Lady Curlers

16 Nov

Ladies Bridge Fundraiser

18 Nov

Letton Bonspiel - Troon Portland

20 Nov

Carrick v Rhins


Canadian Curling Tour - Strathcona Cup January 2018
Canadian Curling Tour - Strathcona Cup January 2018

Canadian Curling Tour - Strathcona Cup January 2018

05 Oct 17

Billy Howat, President of Ayrshire Province sent the following message a few days ago to Ayr CC Club Secretaries. Since we are playing the Canadians four times over three days, 64 male curlers will be needed.

If you can help, please put your names on the board in lounge as soon as possible.


"I would be grateful if you would draw the attention of your Ayrshire Province male members to the notice board in the lounge seeking names for selection to play against the incoming Canadian Strathcona Cup Tour next January.

The Canadians will be with us for three days playing 4 sessions and culminating in our annual Burns Supper on the25th January.

To play and socialise with the Canadians will be a great experience. Johnny Johnston, Andrew Kerr and myself had a marvelous time when we went out there in 2013 and won the Cup. You can be rest assured that the Canadians will be very keen to wrest it back !

The visit is being financially supported by the Board of Ayrshire Curlers Ltd, by the 2013 Strathcona Tour and from Ayrshire Province funds and it promises to be the curling highlight of this and many a season.

I look forward to seeing the names of Ayrshire curlers from across all the clubs going up on the board.

Yours in curling

Billy Howat


Ayrshire Province"