21 Jan

Miller Cup (sponsored by Arcana Spa, Ayr)
Grannies - Individual Entry

22 Jan

Inter City - Tom and Mattie Smillie Trophy Borders v Ayr

25 Jan

Burns Supper

27 Jan

Dundonald Gairdner Trophy


Day League K/O Finals
Day League K/O Finals

Day League K/O Finals

20 Mar 18

Pictured above are the five winners of the Day leagues this season. They were presented with their trophies at the Day League Knockout Finals Day yesterday.

A  League   Sorn                             Jack Kennedy

B  League   Troon Portland (l)    Kirsty Letton

C  League   Gangrels  (2)             Peter  Galloway

D  League   Crosshill                   Alec  Connell

E  League   Kirkoswald               James  Galloway

Photo  L/R :  Jack, Kirsty, Peter, Mrs Liz Goldie - Chairman Ayrshire Curlers Ltd,  Alec and James.

The Final games af the Day League knock out competitions were also played yesterday and the winners were:

A)  Fairywell
B)  Ayr CC
C)  Darvel
D)  Crosshill
E)  Fullarton 

Thanks to the Board of Ayrshire Curlers for an excellent lunch and for the Presentation.