Dunlop Memorial Saver Competitions

09 March 2018

All good thing must come to an end and this week saw the finals of the Dunlop Memorial Salver League and Knockout competitions reach their conclusions and for the first time ever the same skip won both competitions.

For those who don’t know these competitions they are open to members of a certain age who still enjoy competitive curling .There are twelve teams drawn at the start of the season who play each other fortnightly utilising day time ice till the league reaches a conclusion after each team completing eleven games to decide the league winners.

The knockout competition involves the same skips playing with different drawn teams in a knockout format with a high road and low road guaranteeing a minimum of two games The rules are seven ends or the bell ( members of a certain age can get the job done in seven ends) there is no free guard zone .In the knockout in the event of a tied game the team with the most ends progresses.

Now to the winners .

At the final games in the league three teams were in contention for the winners trophy the teams skipped by James Galloway, Robert Struthers and Willie Morton all having to win. True to form all three won their respective games to complete the competition Winners Skip James Galloway Third John McWhirter Second Jim Morrison and Lead Jean Storer, with Robert Stuthers Rink in second place and the rink Of Willie Morton in third.

The Knockout competition High Road was also won by a rink skipped by James Galloway Third Gordon Johnstone Second Carlos Van Heddegen and Lead Mhairi Doak who defeated the rink of Archie McGregor in the final

The Knockout Low Road was won by the rink skipped by David Chynoweth Third John McWhirter and lead Liz Goldie (also featured Helen Hepburn and Mary Foy in the road to the final).The runner up in the Low Road was the rink skipped by Hall Thomson The prize giving took place within the rink after the final game and celebration meal.

The vote of Thanks was given by Colin Naismith who together with the assembled members showed their appreciation of Willie and Margaret Morton who have organised and played in these competitions for a number of years .They now intend to refrain from playing but will continue in the organisation of these arguably the best daytime competitions in the curling Callander Anyone of a certain age who is keen to play in these competitive but friendly competitions for the forthcoming years can notify the ice rink office who will see that their names are forwarded to the organising committee

Thanks John Mc Whirter

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