Future of Curling Event - Report

03 September 2017

Future of Curling Event - Report

The Development Group issued an invitation to all Ayr Curling Clubs to attend an engagement event to discuss the issues we face and feed into our plan for 2017/18.

Over 60 people attended on Thursday night representing over 50% of clubs.

The evening opened with a short presentation by the development groups new chair Lynne Rowley who outlined the journey the group have taken over the last 3 years, the achievements delivered for the club and the changes in funding and support from the RCCC.

The focus of the group to date has been on meeting the RCCC set targets to achieve the incentive funding. This money has been saved and reinvested to support the training and development of 24 level 1 and 2 coaches in Ayr. The expansion of this volunteer resource has enabled the running of try curling sessions, skills improvement sessions, school engagement and corporate events over the last 3 years.

The new action plan is being developed in partnership with the RCCC for 2017/18 and the group wanted to engage with the curlers themselves to hear what they would prioritise and what their suggestions would be for moving forward into 2018.

This event used facilitated round table discussions to answer 3 posed questions-

  what would you change at Ayr,

  what do we do well

  membership- How do we recruit new members, retain existing and regain lapsed?

3 hours of useful discussion and debate led to the creation of this resource. The attendees were then asked to pick their top 3 issues and improvements from the amalgamated lists.

The outcomes and actions agreed will be circulated to all members and a briefings will be circulated throughout the season to keep you all updated on whats’ happening.


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