21 Jan

Miller Cup (sponsored by Arcana Spa, Ayr)
Grannies - Individual Entry

22 Jan

Inter City - Tom and Mattie Smillie Trophy Borders v Ayr

25 Jan

Burns Supper

27 Jan

Dundonald Gairdner Trophy


Henderson Bishop Update

28 Feb 18

Both Ayr teams were unbeaten in their Section games and thus qualified for the High Road semi-finals at Hamilton tomorrw.

The draw is:

Semi finals draw. High Rd
Perth v Ayr 1 (Mags)
Aberdeen v Ayr 2 (Cat)

Low Rd
Dumfries v Kinross
Stranraer V Murrayfield 2

*Please note changed time 9.30 am

A great performance so far from all the girls. 

Follow the results here.