16 Sep

Opening Game

19 Sep

Super League commences

22 Sep

Newcomers Bonspiel

22 Sep

Ayr V Kilmarnock


Is Your Club Going to Be There?

28 Aug 17

Only 25 out of 43 clubs have confirmed, so far, that they are attending on Thursday Night. 

Make sure you are represented.

What is it?

A meeting of all clubs to discuss the Future of Curling at Ayr. It will be held at the Ice Rink on Thursday 31st August at 7.00 pm.

Every club has been asked to nominate 2 people to represent them, but the numbers are not limited to two per club.  Come along if you are interested.

The evening starts at 7.00 pm and should finish around 9.30 -10.00

There will be a complimentary drink and food