21 Jan

Miller Cup (sponsored by Arcana Spa, Ayr)
Grannies - Individual Entry

22 Jan

Inter City - Tom and Mattie Smillie Trophy Borders v Ayr

25 Jan

Burns Supper

27 Jan

Dundonald Gairdner Trophy


Ladies Closing Day
Ladies Closing Day

Ladies Closing Day

20 Mar 18

Pictured above is President Lorna Munro showing a selection of carefully designed headware, prepared as part of her Closing Day and Presentation of Prizes last Friday.

There are a few more examples of the millinery expertise demonstrated by our Ayr Ladies and these can all be seen in the gallery section or by clicking here.

A good time was obviously had by all.

There were prizes presented and two of the most notable were.

DSC00324 1

 Fergusson Jug Winners

DSC00329 1

 Alloway Rosebowl winners