New Year's Bonspiel

18 January 2018

On Tuesday 2nd January we held our New Year Bonspiel with 12 rinks competing in two sections.  There were eight rink entries and four made up rinks from individual entries.

After three rounds scored using the Shenkel system we had two unbeaten rinks who competed in the High Road and two who were second in each section playing in the Low Road finals.

The High Road final was well won by the Middleton family rink skipped by Alastair with Logan at third, Roddie at second and Susan playing lead stones.  Runners up were the Morton family who were skipped by Billy, Gavin at third, Lucy at second and Kirsty at lead.  Jean and Barbara McFarlane rotated during the day with Emma (the toddler) practising for future years in the club house!

The match hinged on one end where Billy was lying shot, buried but surrounded by lots of Alastair’s stones.  Alastair delivered a fantastic shot to promote one of Billy’s stones onto one of his and then slide on to remove Billy’s counting stone.  Net result was that he was lying five!  A real win winning delivery if ever there was one.

Meanwhile in the Low Road final the winners were Sean Rennie, Liam Scott, Aileen Rennie and Rachael Ireland who just edged it past Jack McCorkell,  Aileen McCorkell, Corrie Lawerence and Logan Collins.

Everyone enjoyed themselves in what was a very family orientated day.

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