We hope that you enjoyed your visit to Ayr Curling Cub and are keen to take your curling experience one step further!

We can offer a course of Beginner's sessions: these are 3 x 2 hour sessions where we give you a full introduction to the sport of curling.
We cover the curling delivery in more detail with more practice for stability, direction and length, and there is more opportunity to practise sweeping and generally discuss the game of curling - the format, the scoring, the tactics and the social aspect of our clubs -  everything that we enjoy about the sport.

A course of 3 Beginner's sessions will cost £40.00
We have the first two dates arranged: Sunday 1st October from 1.30 - 4pm and Sunday 8th October from 4.30pm -7pm.

We haven't arranged the 3rd session as yet but that will be arranged to suit the participants.

If either of these dates don't suit you then just let us know and we will make every effort to arrange other dates.
Or if you would like to come for another Try Curling session first of all then just check which dates would suit you.

After completing a Beginner's course there is immediate entry to our Virtual Club.
This is a very good club for beginners as everyone is at a similar level.  There are a choice of dates and times arranged where you can choose which suit you best - and there is coaching carried out on a regular basis.   
Membership is for two years and offers half price membership to Ayr CC and the Royal Caledonian Curling Club (RCCC) during that period.

This does not stop anyone joining another club as well during that time but also during that two year period there will be opportunities to meet other curlers and decide which club (times and dates) suits you best.

We hope that this Beginner's course will interest you and look forward to seeing you again. 
Please either contact me(Kirsty) by email  k.letton@btinternet.com or phone the office and speak to Theresa on 01292 263024.