Andrew Kerr reports on Day League A

27 September 2018

With the Superleague up and running last week, this week it was the turn of the A Division in the Day leagues.

On sheet 2 Mark Meehan's Galston rink took a 4 in the second end against Ricky Goldie's Dundonald rink but Dundonald came back with a three in the 5th and, by the end of the 7th, the two rinks were tied at 6 all. Dundonald had the hammer in the 8th which they used to good effect coming away with a four to win 10-6.

On sheet 3 it was Symington against Fairywell led respectively by those old adversaries Allan Forrest and Keith Rennie. Fairywell got off to a great start with a three in the first and built on that to lead by five before Symington got on the board. However, two braces in the 6th and 7th ends saw Symington pull back although by not quite enough with Fairywell picking up the points winning 6-5.

The A Division newcomers, Troon Portland had the most daunting of tasks on sheet 3 up against Sorn. Kirsty Letton's rink had a dream start taking a two from Johnny Johnston's rink in the 1st end and had their chances throughout the game but not many teams give up a three against Sorn and come out on top. The Troon rink were curtailed to just another couple of singles going down 4-8.

The fourth game was on sheet 5 between Ronnie Peat's Gangrels rink and Charlie Steele's Ayr & Alloway four. After a single to Gangrels in the 1st, Charlie's rink racked up a four in the 2nd. Ronnie's rink were not to be outdone however, and came right back at Ayr & Alloway with a five in the 3rd only for Charlie's rink to take a three in the 4th.  Singles for each rink in the 5th and 6th ends saw Ayr & Alloway leading by one shot at 8-7 going into the 7th and last end but without the hammer.  Could Ronnie get his one to peel ? Ronnie wasn't to be satisfied with a peel and, with his last stone, got his two for Gangrels to win 9-8.

So, the A Day League is up and running with the B, C, D and E League starting next month, the season is well and truly underway.

Thanks to Andrew for his excellent reporting. The league table can be found here.


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