Corrie Lawrence in Tallinn

22 November 2018

Corrie Lawrence in Tallinn
Finals day in Tallinn

Scotland Men are European Curling Champions!
Euro 18 Mouat 
Congratulation to Bruce Mouat, Grant Hardie, Bobby Lammie and Hammie McMillan. 
You did it boys and made Scotland proud! 
Sweden’s Anna Hasselborg takes GOLD in the ladies finals! 
(10th end 5-4)
Day 6

Team Mouat v Finland
Although they had already qualified for the playdowns, Scotland’s last game in the round robin was a straightforward win against Finland. (10-4)

Team Muirhead v Switzerland was a deal breaker for Scotland ladies!
The first two ends were blanked with Switzerland retaining the hammer into the 3rd end when they took a 1.
The 4th end was again blanked but some brave shots from team Muirhead got them a 2 in the fifth, going into the break. (2-1)
Switzerland scores a 2 in the 6th end to give them a 2-3 lead. 
The 7th end is again blanked. 
Scotland took a 2 in the 8th when the Switzerland  skip missed a final stone draw to our stone. Scotland (4-3)
Again a good end and a 1 to Scotland in 9th end (5-3)
Tense stuff- in the tenth end Eve had to take out a Switzerland stone and roll behind her own guard- but didn’t catch enough of the Switzerland stone and her own rolled out giving Switzerland the chance to take an equalising 2. 
All square at 5-5 and an extra end! Nerves in the stand in tatters! 
Eve was close but failed to be fully in the red with her last stone, giving Switzerland a winning 1. Game over. Dream of a quarter final over for another year for team Muirhead. Switzerland 6-5.

Men’s Semi Final
Scotland V Italy 
Italy took an early lead with a 1 in the first end.  Scotland took 1 in the second and Italy took a 2 in the third..
Some wonderful play from both sides and some incredible, precision sweeping!
Mouat took a 2 in the fourth to even the score at 3-3.
A further 1 for Scotland in the 5th, going into the break and another in the 6th to make the score 5-3 in Scotland’s favour. At this stage the boys are calm, precise and accurate.
Seventh end was blanked. 
Italy drew for a  good 1 in the eighth (4-5)
Team Mouat immediately responded with a 1 at the  9th. 
Can’t believe it- we have been here before- Italy took a 2 in the 10th to make it 6-6! 
We are into an extra end - again! 
Breath held.... shouldn’t have worried....
Team Mouat are in the European Championship finals! 9-6

Day 5

Team Muirhead v  Germany 
Scotland 5-2 up after 7 ends. 
A win here could knock Germany from second ranking..
Result! 9-2 finish after a fantastic 4 in end 8 by our ladies. 

Team Mouat v  Sweden
1-1 after 3 ends - going with the hammer.  Each team waiting  for someone to make a mistake but quality of play from both teams extremely high. 
Scotland 2-1 after 4th end. 
Scotland  2-4 after 5th end when a Mouat guard just  let Edin in to remove our shot and take a 3.
However, the fight back was immediate with Scotland securing a magnificent 4 in the 6th end!
Sweden took a 2 in the 7th. 
Scotland took a 1 at the eighth to go (7-6) Scotland. Sadly it was not to be- with team Sweden clinching a 3 in the last end to take the match! 

Team Muirhead v Russia 
All square at 3-3 after 4 ends. Russian then took a 2 at the 5th before going into the break, but Eve Muirhead accomplished a magnificent double take out with her final stone of the 6th to reclaim the 2. 
All square again going into the 9th end at 6-6. Nail biting stuff- we really need to win this game if we want to progress in the competition. 
Sadly for team Muirhead, Eve’s final draw stone caught the front guard, allowing Russia to take a 2. Final score Russia 8, Scotland 7. 
So near and yet so far! 

Day 4 

Scotland men v Netherlands started well with Team Mouat taking a 3 at first end. Netherlands responded with a 3 in the fifth but Scotland were 7-5 up going into 8th end with Hammy doing double takeouts on at least 3 occasions to consolidate sound Scottish performances. 

After blanking the 9th end it was 8-5  to Mouat going into last end and the game was conceded by the Netherlands. 

After a very disappointing day yesterday, our girls had to come back fighting and they did! Playing Finland they kept their cool, played the kind of curling we have come to expect from them and the game was conceded after the 8th end with the score a decisive 10-5 for Scotland. 

A very important boost for Scottish morale! Keep fighting. 

It appeared that Italy were flying and could  do no wrong until they met team Mouat this evening. 

What a display of Scottish grit! With the score at 6-6 after 10 ends it was all down to an extra end....did Mouat keep his cool? Yes he did. Scotland had the hammer so a straight take out with his last stone gave us the prized win! Scotland 7, Italy 6. 

Well done boys! 

Day 3

A reassuring and confidence boosting win for team Mouat this morning against tough opposition from Switzerland. (8-4)

Team Muirhead  against Italy were   6-5 to Italy going into 8th end. Italy were lying 1 and well guarded when Eve played her last shot, promoting a winger to take out the Italian stone and take a 2. A brilliant shot! The Scottish crowd erupted!
Final score, a win for Scotland! (9-7)

Playing Poland this afternoon team Mouat took no prisoners. They were 5-2 up after 5 ends. When they took a 6 in the 6th end it was all over and Poland conceded the game. 

Tonight’s game for the ladies against Latvia should have been easy...but they made heavy weather of it. Final score 9-7 to Latvia.

The Scottish fan section in the stadium is growing bigger and louder with every flight bringing in more support from mums, dads, girlfriends, grannies and friends! 
For team Mouat their campaign is very much alive. 
It would seem however that the wheels have come off for our ladies team! 

Day 2

A tough day in Tallin!

Both Scotland teams faced difficult challenges today and unfortunately neither prevailed. 
This morning Eve and her girls faced auld adversaries Sweden, skipped by Anna Hasselborg (whose mum, Pia, played Ayr on the recent Sweden Tour to Scotland) 
This was always going to be a tight game with Scotland on the defensive from early on. 
After Scotland lost a 3 in the 6th end it was uphill all the way and when Hasselburg took a 4 in the 9th end Muirhead shook hands. (10-4)

Disappointingly too our men were narrowly beaten by a very focussed Russian team with big local support. Despite fighting all the way and being 5-5 after six ends, Scotland  succumbed to finish 7-8.

Sad to report that again Eve Muirehead’s team didn’t win this evening against Czechoslovakia - a close game but final score was 8-7. 

Undaunted, the Scottish teams and their flag carrying supporters will be back tomorrow for what we hope will be an easier day! 


Opening Ceremony

After an colourful opening ceremony presided over by WCF President, Kate Caithness, the competition has got off to a good start for both of Scotland’s national teams. 

Eve Muirhead, with her team of Jennifer Dodds, Vicki Chalmers and Lauren Gray, won a tight first game against Denmark. (7-4)

Bruce Mouat, with his team of Grant Hardie, Bobby Lammie and Hammie MacMillan played twice on this Opening day beating both Norway (8-7) and Germany (8-3).

Lots of family and friends here to support our teams with more expected tomorrow....
Christmas Market outside our door is a must to visit...
For those looking for live scores and game schedule, please check out the WCF website.  

The first pictures from Corrie have now been received and can be found in the gallery here.

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