District Medal

01 October 2018

One of the relatively unfashionable Royal Club competitions is the District Medal which is a shame as it gives clubs an opportunity to play against opposition from another part of the country in a “one off” game with each winner receiving a medal.

This year Dundonald were drawn at home against Hercules Ladies who play out of Kirkcaldy Ice Rink in Fife. Two of the ladies were on the last Ladies Tour to Sweden and it was opportune that their Tour Captain, Ayr’s own Corrie Lawrence, dropped by with some flowers for this week’s ladies competition.

To the game itself, Hercules Ladies got off to a great start with a two in the first end but Dundonald came right back with a two of their own in the second. Singles were exchanged in the third and fourth ends before Dundonald managed to put some clear water between them and the ladies with a two in the fifth and a single in the sixth to lead 6-3 going into the seventh and last end. 

For much of the end Dundonald lay shot with Hercules Ladies having a stone lying second and with both stones seemingly well guarded. Needing shots, the Hercules skip, Pat Hughes, asked her third to raise the guard covering their second placed stone which she did but, by doing so opened up the house. The Dundonald rink were able to remove the opposition stones so that, by the time Pat came to play her last stone she was faced with having to draw against four Dundonald stones. She was a fraction short and so Dundonald took their four to put a somewhat flattering look to the scorecard with a 10-3 victory.

Afterwards the two rinks enjoyed some hospitality and a meal before the ladies headed back east.

Well done the Dundonald rink of Morag Evans, Andrew Kerr, John Davers and Elaine McClure.

Good luck to the other Ayr clubs taking part in this competition, Galston, Gangrels and Troon Portland and it would be great to see other Ayr clubs entering next year!

Report by Andrew Kerr

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