13 Nov

Inter-City Ayr Ladies v Glasgow Ladies
Lady Curlers

16 Nov

Ladies Bridge Fundraiser

18 Nov

Letton Bonspiel - Troon Portland

20 Nov

Carrick v Rhins


Finland - Monday

07 Jan 19

So after a long break - Sunday 8am until Monday 8pm we took to the ice at 7.40 for second practice and LSD’s. Despite having so much time off our preparation and routine stayed exactly the same and with both lsd’s biting the button we took control.

Final score was 10-1 to us and after 6 ends Finland shook our hands. 

We have secured Scotland’s place in the quarters with one more game to play Tuesday at 4pm.

Stones for tomorrow’s game are matched and it’s bedtime now.


Alison Cunningham

Scotland Coach