20 Oct

Beginners Classes - 3

21 Oct

Inter City Dumfries v Ayr
Mixed Entry

24 Oct

Beginners Classes - 3 (1)

27 Oct

Maple Leaf (sponsored by Pieroni & Son)
Individual Entry


Henry Gardner and Forrest Jug Draw
Henry Gardner and Forrest Jug Draw

Henry Gardner and Forrest Jug Draw

25 Sep 18

The draw for the Henry Gardner and Forrest Jug has now been made.
Details below.


Tuesday 2nd October 2018

9.45am     3x 4 ends

£16 – skips to collect

Sponsored by Scentsations of Troon.


                        Rink 1                                                 Rink 2

                        Carol Simpson (skip)                           Elizabeth Shaw (skip)

                        Liz Goldie                                           Helen Hepburn

                        Liz Boswell                                         Maureen McGregor

                        Freda Miller                                        Etta Begg



                        Rink 3                                                 Rink 4

                        Rena Bain (skip)                                 Jennifer Mutter (skip)

                        Corrie Lawrence                                 Amy Collins

                        Sandra Carruthers                               Hatty Forrest

                        Marina Murray                                    Jean Storer


                        Rink 5                                                 Rink 6

                        Mary Shaw (skip)                                Elly Branch (skip)

                        Lisa Mason                                          Gillian Macdonald

                        Bella Kennedy                                                Joyce Arnot

                        Jane Hepburn                                      Evelyn Girvan


                        Rink 7                                                 Rink 8

                        Lorna Alexander (skip)                       Moira Drummond (skip)

                        Alison Young                                      Elspeth Drummond

                        Mary Foy                                            Pat Galloway

                        Olivia Johnstone                                 Una Semple





Reserves: Aileen McCorkell, Isla Robison, Janice Sutherland, Julia Craig, Margaret Sloan


Players who might step in in emergency to share a position:

Linda Wilson, Liz Bark, Heather Dalgleish.