Rules and Etiquette

14 September 2018

Rules and Etiquette

"Rules and Etiquette", now there's a heading for a dry subject. Well, actually, not when it's presented by Judith McCleary, Head of Development at Scottish Curling.

Twenty five coaches and curlers attended what was a pilot course and Judith put it across in a light hearted and fun way so that we all came away that wee bit wiser ! Mind you that wouldn’t be hard judging by the scores some groups managed in the quiz !!

Thanks to Judith for coming down from Stirling and to the twenty five new owners of the RCCC Rule Book who attended.

And talking of Rules... Don't forget that this season the 5 shot rule is now in force. This means that the Free Guard Zone has been extended from the first four stones to the first five stones. This is now in the Rule Book and will be adopted at all Scottish Curling and Ayr competitions.  You can read more about the rule by clicking here.

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