Super League Week 10 Report

01 February 2019

On sheet 1 it was Team Howat minus Skip Billy but with super sub Ben up against George McNaughton's rink. In the sixth, Team Howat, with Gavin Morton in the head, were 4-2 up when George did a perfect draw to score 2 and draw level. In the last end Team Howat had a stone near the button and with an almighty clutter out front. No way George can get to it but Davie Logan sees a raise and George does it to near perfection, moves the Howat stone but misses getting the shot by millimetres. 5-4 to Team Howat.

On 2 it was the Stewarton Heather clash between Dougie Paton and David Mundell with David getting a two in the third end but otherwise it was Dougie's night romping away to a win by 7 shots to 2.

The girls were on sheet 3 without Skip Gail who was also up in Perth at the Seniors. Sheila Kennedy skipped and gave Billy Morton's strong rink a game of it but, unfortunately, had a couple of bad ends losing a 3 and a 4 to go 3-9 down after seven ends at which point they might have shaken hands but with the top of the league being tight and ends maybe being the deciding factor, Billy opted to play another end which the girls stole! 9-4 for Team Morton.

Another at the Seniors is Neil Sands and his rink with Neil Kennedy in charge took on Liam Scott's rink with Shaun Rennie skipping on sheet 4. Shaun got off the better start scoring 2 in the first and another 2 in the third before singles were exchanged in the fourth, fifth and sixth ends to put Team Scott in the lead 6-2. A 2 in the last end was little consolation for Team Sands with Team Scott recording a 6-4 victory.

The final game this week was between Team Hope and Team Andrew. Jim Boswell skipped Team Hope and Bobby Ireland was in charge of Team Andrew. Jim's third was Charlie Steele and the pair had been on opposite sides earlier in the day in a crucial Day League encounter. Now playing together it took a few ends before they moved into top gear. After 4 ends it was Bobby who was leading by 3 shots to 1 but two singles and then a brace of 2s saw Team Hope home by 7-3.

The top of the table clash between Rab Clark and Ian Alexander's rink was postponed as both Rab Clark and Robert Anderson are at the Seniors.

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