Super League - Week 6

24 November 2018

Round 6 of this year's Superleague was played 22 Nov, and on sheet 1 it was the high flying Stewarton rink skipped by Dougie Paton taking on George McNaughton's rink. Dougie was always in control and leading 5-1 after four ends but a four in the sixth and a single in the seventh emphasised the dominance with Dougie winning 10-1.

On sheet 2 Team Hope, who decided this year to employ two skips playing week about, in their bid for glory. This week it was skipped by Jim Boswell land they were up against another of the high flyers in Team Clark. The one thing you don't want to do against strong opposition, in particular, is to give up a three in the first end which Team Hope did and, despite taking a single in the second, they gave up another three in the third to go 1-6 down. It's a long way back from there but twos were exchanged in the next two ends and with singles to follow, Rab Clark's rink ran out winners by 10-4.

On sheet 3 it was Davie Mundell up against Bobby Ireland skipping Team Andrew. Bobby took a single in the first end but from then on until the last it was Davie Mundell in control building up a lead of 6-1 after six ends. In the seventh it was Team Andrew which took a three to bring themselves back to within two shots of Team Mundell but too late to change the game with Team Mundell winning by 6-4.

After having been "rested" for the last game, Ian Alexander was brought back into the team this week. There was a suggestion that he did make the point that it was HIS rink and if he wasn't selected .... ! However, Ian obviously realised that he had to up his game and Team Alexander had a cracking game against Neil Sands. Three up in the first end and pegged back losing ends 2, 3 and 4 to go 3-4 down then lying six in the house with five counting and skips' stones to come ! Eventually a four to go 7-4 up with three ends to play. Neil then took a single and a two to peel at 7-7 and into the last end with Team Alexander skipped by Mark Pieroni having the hammer. Neil drawing to the 4ft got shot with his last stone leaving Mark with a tap back to score two and take the win 9-7.

On to sheet 5 with family bragging rights at stake between Gavin playing third in Billy Howat's old codgers rink and young Billy Morton with his star studded line up. The old boys thought the youngsters needed some help so they gave them four of a start after two ends. However, enough was enough and Team Howat came back with twos in the next two ends to level the score at 4 all - game on ! Billy Morton then took a two of his own to edge into the lead at 6-4 after five ends and, in the sixth, was looking good for a steal of one before Billy Howat, with the last stone, came in off an outside stone to whip out Billy Morton's counter and take a three and the lead 7-6 going into the last. The final end went right down to the last stone with Billy Morton drawing the shot and a peel at 7 all. Family honours even amongst the Mortons but Gavin reckoned Team Howat (and Gavin !!) had the moral victory.

On sheet 6 it was Gail Thomson's all girls rink taking on Liam Scott's rink skipped by Sean Rennie. This was anybody's game with the lead changing almost every end. The two decisive ends were the fourth when Gail took a four to put her rink 6-4 ahead and the last end when, with the hammer and one down, Sean, Liam, Alastair McHarg and Aileen Rennie grabbed a four to pip Team Thomson 10-7.

So, with six games gone, it's Rab Clark out in front with ten points, followed by Billy Morton on nine and Dougie Paton and Ian Alexander both on eight but, lurking ominously, also on eight points, is David Mundell with a game in hand.


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