“A good coach can change a game…. A great coach can change a life”

28 January 2020

“A good coach can change a game…. A great coach can change a life”

These are the words of Scottish Junior Champions Team Bryce on coach Alison Cunningham. Last weekend saw Team Bryce (pictured above) win the Scottish Junior Championship after a steal in the 10th end of the game. On Sunday the team faced two teams who they had suffered defeats to in the round robin section however with Alison as Coach they regrouped as a team and discussed “what it takes to win”. “The girls took their own individual and team “A” game out onto the ice twice” said Alison who was “thrilled for Amy in her last year of juniors.” The team game together in the summer and this results just shows the dedication, hard work and determination since August.”

Alison join the team on day two of the Scottish Junior Championships as she was chosen to be the team coach for Team Great Britain at the Youth Olympic Games. Speaking on her time there Alison reflects on the experience as “immense” “To be part of Team GB and be involved in all of what that means was huge. Meeting our other athletes and coaches and sharing in their success from medals to personal bests in their sports was inspiring. Being part of the Olympic Village life and meeting other nations athletes and coaching speaking with them and hearing how sport in their countries change young people’s lives  and focus was humbling in many ways. One thing that shone through from everything was the dedication required to successful.”

Alison has been a level 2 coach at Ayr for many years now and we are so lucky to have her as part of our coaching team. All of us at Ayr would like to congratulate Alison and her teams on their success.


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