Great Start to the Maxwell Campaign

23 November 2019

Ayr made the trip down to Stranraer for the first Maxwell outing of the season.

Always a tough place to go as they are notoriously difficult to beat in their own back yard!

As webmaster I sometimes have to try very hard to get reports of outside games.  Imagine the surprise when two such reports came in.  

First in the inbox was Neil Sands and he therefore has most of his report shown.  But shortly thereafter Andrew Kerr sent his report.  In true Kerr fashion he has decided that this year's campaign will be characterised as being led by a certain Captain Mainwaring, also known as Neil Sands.

This is such a brilliant picture that I have to use Andrew's reports of the three games.

"Ayr’s pursuit of the Maxwell Trophy got off to a great start last Friday (22nd November) when three teams under Captain Mainwaring (sometimes known as Neil Sands) headed down the A77 to Stranraer. Never an easy venue to pick up points the boys’ concerns were increased when it became clear that Norman Brown was playing at two - the Stranraer “big guns” were out ! 

However, Captain Mainwaring’s rink was being skipped by Neil Kennedy and had Private (Alastair Middleton) Pike in the team looking for a “big night” and the Sorn destroyer of the English language that is Johnnie Johnston. Up against Jim Cannon the Sorn boys did the business and were first off the ice and into the bar !

On sheet 2 it was Robert Anderson and his Galston rink of Gavin Morton, Tom Neil and John Davers up against Philip Wilson. Would we be listening later on to Robert assailing us with his hard luck stories ? It was a tight game as you would expect with Robert having the upper hand, just, until Philip produced a “spectacular” to come in off a winger, take out Robert’s shot stone and lie 3. A peel was a fitting result at the end of the day.

So, onto sheet 3 where Murray Stevenson, Mark Pieroni, Bobby Ireland and Andrew Kerr we’re up against Fraser Hair. With the score at 2:1 after 5 ends the Ayr boys managed to take a great 4 in the sixth and see out the final two ends to get the win."

Back to Neil "An excellent result for us and thanks to Stranraer for their usual excellent hospitality some of us eventually made it home the next day and some of our lot didn't come home at all !!!!.  . Thanks guys - well played. Neil

5 points from 6 is a great start and an excellent day all round."


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