Morton and Maxwell Results

12 March 2020

After many years of welcoming back successful teams in the Morton and Maxwell Trophies this, alas, was not to be our year.

Here are the stories from the teams

Maxwell  report .  The team headed to Dumfries  yesterday for the final . Up against Forfar in the semi final. Unfortunately  they proved too strong for us with Robert  Anderson's  team of Bobby  Ireland Bert Andrew  and Tom  Andrews, and Neil Sands  team of Mark  Pieroni John Davers and Andrew Kerr both losing . Neil Kennedy Shaun Rennie  Tom  Neill and Robert  Boyd  made the score respectable with a  good victory .

Forfar went on to lose to Greenacres in the final . Thank you to all who played yesterday and in all the previous games to get us there. A good day out was had regardless of the result . Cheers Neil.  


Morton Update - Having romped through the playdowns with only one loss we were hopeful of a win overall in Forfar on Tuesday. Unfortunately it was not to be this year and we were knocked out in the semis finals.

Ayr 1 Skipped by Gail Thomson with Ali Cunningham, Eilidh Thomson and Alison Young beat Kinross 1 12-2

Ayr 2 Skipped by Sheila Kennedy with Susan Middleton, Anne Anderson and Isla Robison were beaten by Kinross 2 8-7

Ayr 3 Skipped by Cat Eccles with Barbara Morton, Corrie Lawrence and Janice Sutherland were beaten by Kinross 3 8-6 Kinross went on to win the trophy for the first time ever.  Alison

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