21 Jan

Miller Cup (sponsored by Arcana Spa, Ayr)
Grannies - Individual Entry

22 Jan

Inter City - Tom and Mattie Smillie Trophy Borders v Ayr

25 Jan

Burns Supper

27 Jan

Dundonald Gairdner Trophy


The Lochinch-Bargany Trophy

26 Nov 19

At Ayr on Monday 25th Nov. the ancient battle beween the provinces of Carrick and the Rhins O' Gallowa for the prestigious Lochinch-Bargany trophy was at last won by Carrick.

This was the first victory since 2007 and resulted from a whitewash with Carrick winning all five games.

The match is played alternately at Stranraer and Ayr on the last Monday in November so our teams are already in training for the journey south next year as it being a home match the Rhins  will be putting out their strongest rinks.

Thanks to Rob White for the above report.