Tribute to Kirsty from Scottish Curling President

19 June 2020

Following the news that Kirsty Letton will be taking a step back from Scottish Curling's Coaching Committee, we thought it fitting that we share the letter she was sent from Brian McArtney, President Scottish Curling - until next Saturday when a certain Andrew Kerr takes over.

We, at Ayr, know very well the amount Kirsty has given to the sport, particularly in coaching, but also generally to help the development of curling locally.  We heartily join in with Brian's sentiments.


Hi Kirsty,

I have just heard from Hugh that you are resigning from the RCCC Coaching Committee.

As an ASC representative to the RCCC Coaching Committee, and before the first meeting, I was told that I should always listen to Kirsty Letton. When we finally did meet at that first meeting I saw that what I had been told was correct. Kirsty, you have a great wealth of knowledge about coaching and have always been prepared to share it with anyone who has asked. At the committee meetings this sharing of knowledge with the concern that different, yet linked, coaching methods be used across all levels from schools to elite made a real impact. You have always supported the principal that coaches be properly qualified with an opportunity to upgrade their skills throughout their coaching career, with CPD and the Coaching Conference. To this end you have helped develop these courses and as a Tutor keep an eye on the standards.

Kirsty I know you have had many accolades from the greater coaching world and indeed Her Majesty, the RCCC Patron, gave you a ‘little badge’. All these are very well deserved.

My own thanks to you cannot match some of these esteemed honours but I can only add my sincere appreciation of the work you have done over these many years when you have brought curling coaching to a higher profile and earned respect from the curlers we coach.

Many thanks from a colleague, coach and friend. You will be sadly missed on the committee but not from coaching in Ayr, I hope.

Best wishes from Jane and myself.



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